Chilpik (I–IV, IX–XI centuries) is located on top of a butte at the right bank of Amudarya, 43 kilometres south of the city of Nukus. According to Zoroastrianism tradition, dead people were brought here for the body to decompose. The bones were later collected by relatives and put in an ossuary. A legend says “…in ancient times people used to repudiate elderly, leaving them on a mountain. One day a young man called Chilpik decided to take his father to the mountain. On his way up he stopped to rest and sat down. His father began laughing. Chilpik asked «Why are you laughing? I am going to leave you at the top.» Father retorted «When I was young I also brought my father here and decided to take a rest. I just remembered that.» Chilpik changed his mind and secretly took care of his father at home. If his deed was revealed, he could have been sentenced to death. After some time a Padishahof the country fell ill. Doctors from everywhere were called to help but no one could do anything.

Then Chilpik's father told him that some herb tincture could heal Padishah. He went to Padishah and suggested it. The tincture helped Padishah and he asked Chilpik how he knew about this marvellous herb. He answered «If you forgive me, I will reveal my secret.» Padishah consented. «My old father told me about that. I secretly look after him at home. If you found out about it, I would be dead.» After that conversation Padishah issued a decree that “Henceforth elder people are not left on the mountain and they must be looked after until their natural death.”