This ancient settlement is located on the southwest branches of the Sultan Uvays Dag mountain range. This is one of the most picturesque and magnificent monuments on the right bank of the Amudarya River. It has a sophisticated configuration. In the eastern part of the settlement you can find a rectangular citadel. The rammed clay walls are decorated with closed half-columns, whose apexes are ended by a pair of stepped arches.

The first construction was done in the IV century B.C. to the I century A.D. However, the extant walls that we can observe now were constructed in the IX–X centuries A.D. Coins found in the settlement define the date of the latest residence as the XII–XIV centuries A.D.

In medieval times the settlement was used as a port city. During excavations a number of objects brought from various countries and regions in the East and West, including China, Egypt, Europe and India, were found here.