The Pil-kala Settlement (IV–II centuries B.C., VII–VIII centuries A.D.) is situated in the northern part of the city of Beruni. Its shooting semi-oval towers are constructed thickly along its walls.

Ceramic wares of the Afrigid dynasty were found in the vicinity of the Pil-kala Settlement. During excavations a burial place was discovered in the southwest tower with the remains of a man lying with his head directed to the northwest. Three diamond-shaped arrowheads of the XIII–XIV centuries were left on the eastern side of the burial place.

Pil-kala has another name for the monument, pronounced Fir-kala. Apparently it is associated with the name of the dynasty founder – Firg. In the Turkic dialect people started to pronounce the sound “f” as “p” and the sound “r” as “l.” Thus, the city acquired a more understandable name, Pil-kala.