Karakalpakstan is a land of ancient culture. There you can find a number of monuments dating back to ancient and medieval times. The Karakalpak, Uzbek, Kazakh and Turkmen nations that inhabit the Southern Aral Sea region have a rich cultural heritage, including archaeological and architectural monuments, traditional crafts, rich folklore, vibrant folk festivals, and rituals and traditions. Along with the number of ancient and medieval monuments, there are also unique natural sites.

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The Treasures of the Great Silk Way

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Enjoy comfortable hotels and B&B’s of Nukus and Karakalpakstan. Hospitality is the basis of most traditions and customs in the region.

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Traditional Karakalpak and European cuisine is available in most cafes and restaurants of Nukus city and regions. Please, see our list and recommendations.

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Ancient fortresses and abandoned cities of lost civilizations, beautiful desert landscapes and unearth valleys of Ustyrt Canyons – there is so much to see and experience in Karakalpakstan!

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Visa and registration issues, currency exchange, emergency recommendations and tips on getting the best price at the market. Handy vocabulary for the travellers is a bonus!

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