Sultan Uvays Dag Gyaur-kala

Sultan Uvays Dag Gyaur-kala (IV century B.C. – III century A.D.) is situated on the left bank of the Amudarya River between the Chilpik and Jampikkala monuments. The Fortress was constructed in an early ancient period and today only the southern and part of the western walls remain. The original structure was trapezium in shape with double-layer walls typical for Khorezm architecture and two-storied archer galleries, towers and battlements. The wall dimensions indicate how impregnable they were. In the Fortress we can see an extant monumental building, which has small halls with decorated column pedestals, mural paintings within niches and a sanctuary. It seems probable that this was a fire-worshippers temple. According to scientists the word Gyaur means “fire worshipper.” Gyaur-kala was used approximately until the III century A.D.