Eres-kala is located 12 kilometres southwest of Turtkul city. Once these city ruins were a magnificent complex consisting of a settlement and palaces. In ancient times the main irrigation canal of the Kaltaminar system went from Ereskala through the Angka-kala Fortress and Bazarkala Settlement. The city itself was constructed in the lower reaches of the Kaltaminer canal. It had anirregular elliptical shape with an area of 360 x 220 metres. There was a central mansion. Presumably it was a citadel with a governor’s house.

Ceramic ware found on the territory of the monument date it back to the III–V centuries A.D. Based on a number of ceramic findings from the Kangyuy culture (IV century B.C. – beginning of the I century A.D.) scientists presumed that the settlement was founded in the antiquity period and existed until the V–VI centuries A.D.