The medieval Beleuli Complex (XIV century A.D.) is located on the Ustyurt Plateau. It consists of several buildings, including a caravansarai, a burial ground, quarries and sardobas. Its front side, like in other caravansarais in Central Ustyurt, faces the road that runs from Khorezm to the Lower Volga region.

Until 1972 the arch’s tympans in the Beleuli Complex had a bas-reliefs of lions. The central part of the caravansarai was occupied by a yard.

Eight sardobas, wildly overgrown with desert vegetation, were found about 50 metres northeast of the caravansarai. They had gutters for water runoff from the takyrs.

The burial ground and five limestone quarries are situated near the Beleuli caravansarai.