Rally in Muynak

From May 3 to May 5, an open road rally competition will take place in Muynak district, in which athletes from Karakalpakstan and various regions of Uzbekistan will take part.


The main purpose of the competition is the development of tourism in the Muynak district and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The route, the length of which will be 364 km, will run along the dried bottom of the Aral Sea, along Sudochye Lake, the Ustyurt Plateau and along the shores of the current Aral Sea.

During the race, participants of the event can enjoy such spectacular places of our country as Lake Sudochie, Ustyurt canyons, historical abode of nomadic tribes, caravan shed of the XII-XIII centuries near the sea coast, the Aral Sea and the ship graveyard.

At the moment, preparatory work for the competition is underway in Muynak district.