Karakalpak cuisine

Karakalpak cuisine is an interesting mix of culinary art of many Central Asian people: Uzbeks, Turkmens, Kazakhs. Like many other people of Central Asia, Karakalpaks cook pilaf, shurpa, manti and many other oriental dishes. Of course, Karakalpak cuisine has its own characteristics.

The most common dishes are jueri gurtik, pilaf, lagmon, manpar, shavla, manti, somsa, pasta soup in lagman broth. Almost all dishes are made with wheat flour. They also drink milk tea with meals. This custom was widespread among the nomads in the Middle Ages, and today it exists not only among the Karakalpaks, but also among the Kazakhs and Turkmens.

One of the most common dishes of Karakalpaks is jueri gurtik and may gurtik. This dish is ancient, but even today it is often prepared by Karakalpak women.

Traditional Karakalpak cuisine will not leave any gourmet indifferent. Everyone can find food to their taste.