The President signed a new decree: “On additional measures for the development of tourism in strict compliance with the requirements of the enhanced regime of sanitary and epidemiological security”.

          In order to restore the tourism sector at a rapid pace and formulate new directions of its development after the restoration of the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country, the President of Uzbekistan signed a new  decree “On additional measures for the development of tourism in strict compliance with the requirements of the enhanced regime of sanitary and epidemiological security”. In accordance with the decision, additional privileges and preferences were provided to business entities.


1. In the event that from  January, 1 , 2021 to December, 31, 2023 the hotel is kept in the category given in accordance with the established procedure, according to the end of the relevant year, 50% of the amount of the tourist (hotel) fee charged for the category of the accommodation vehicle will be returned.

2. Part of the costs that investors are directed to build and equip passenger carrier new aerial ropeways (the first 50 projects) with the appropriate level of security provided that they will be used until December 31, 2023 and the length will be covered in the amount of 1 billion soums for each 500 meter road, provided that it is not less than 500 meters.

3. On the territory of the tourist zones and rural areas, according to the model projects of the State Committee for Tourism Development and the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Uzbekistan, part of the costs of entrepreneurial subjects for the types of accommodation with quick-build constructions (yurts, containers, sandwich panels), the number of places of such types of placement means will increase by 50 thousand, by 31 December the amount is covered by the 5 million soums.

4. The guides services (guide-translator), the excursion leader and the road lighting leaders services, self-employed citizens are included in the list of types of activities (services, works) that can be engaged.

5. From July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2023, non-resident (private) museums, art galleries and art centers will be reduced by 50 percent in relation to the fixed amount by the profit tax, property and land taxes, as well as the tax rates from turnover.

6. With the exception of tour operators registered in Bukhara, Navoi and Surkhandarya regions, when importing vehicles with a capacity of not less than 2.4 liters of the engine for servicing in these regions, it will be possible to pay 50% of the current rate of customs duty, the remaining part for 3 years from the date of import. In order to ensure sanitary and hygienic safety during their travels to local and foreign tourists in the conditions of pandemics, to increase the flow of foreign tourists and to promote the safety of the Republic from pandemics, “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED”  -  a sanitary and epidemiological safety system was commissioned to introduce.

According to that:

1. In the objects providing services to foreign tourists "Uzbekistan. "Safe travel GUARANTEED"  system is introduced in mandatory order.

2. The service of foreign tourists by tour operators who are resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan during the quarantine period is available only for "Uzbekistan. "Safe travel GUARANTEEEED" system in tourism and subsidiary infrastructure facilities included in the Register of safe facilities.

3. A Safe Tourism fund will be established.

4. From the funds of Safe Tourism foundation in accordance of "Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED" system requirements, foreign tourists are paid compensation payments in the amount of 3 thousand US dollars in case of infection with coronavirus (COVID-19) during the trip on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

5. Until December 31, 2020 in the buildings and structures of tourism and subsidiary infrastructure facilities included in the Register of safe objects of the "Uzbekistan. "Safe travel GUARANTEED" system,   expenses of economic entities directed to the implementation of their activities for dezinfection, dezinsection, deratization services carried by organizations of the sanitary-epidemiological service  in order of preventive measures to combat the epidemic aimed at reducing the level the appearance of infectious diseases, are covered from the account of funds from the State Budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

6. Officials who are to blame for the violation of the conditions and requirements established in the" Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED " system will be brought to responsibility. In addition, with the Decision, the President of Uzbekistan has created a number of opportunities for creating conditions for the visit of tourists to the country, developing tourism and subsidiary infrastructure.


1. Starting from August 1, 2020, the "Open sky" regime, which provides for the abolition of restrictions on the number and directions of flights, the provision of the “fifth level of air space” to foreign aircraft companies, will be introduced in accordance with the norms of international law at the international airports  of  "Andijan", "Bukhara" and "Urgench".

2. According to the results of the verification of their relevant documents of international air companies, and the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) flight safety and aviation safety standards provided that it complies with the standards on safety, regardless of the existence of the international air travel agreement, the "open sky" regime will be able to carry out constant flights to the international airports where it is introduced.

3. Rates and fees for foreign aircraft companies operating flights to international airports, where the" open sky " regime is introduced, are applied for a fixed amount of aircraft, in the amount fixed for residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan, for three years.

4. The Andijan International Airport was named after Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, and together with the State Committee for Tourism Development with the Ministry of transport was tasked to announce a public contest to determine the best names to other airports of the country within two months.

5. For  the creation and development of a tourist infrastructure complex on the territory of the Aydar-Arnasoy system of lakes and  Tudakul Lake region, the development of types of water recreation and beach tourism in the new “Orom Kirg’ogi"("Leisure Coast") tourist zone, improvement of engineering and communication networks, establishment of permanent bus flights and development of tourism and subsidiary infrastructure system with the involvement of business entities, was disposed.

6. With the involvement of local and foreign investors, measures will be taken to establish nationwide, winter and summer resorts in Zaamin district.

7. In areas not specified in the regions of cultural heritage sites, "Clean&Eco" projects are carried out, which provide for increased fines for waste disposal, the introduction of "green" technologies in the power supply, the sterilization of waste, the efficient use of water resources.

8. The program of medical tourism "Uzbekistan – hope and healing land", which provides for the systematization and development of medical services provided to citizens of foreign countries, will be developed.

9. Starting from January, 1, 2021, in the framework of the existing infrastructure in the "Gisht ko’prik"(Tashkent region) and "Hayroton" (Surkhandarya region) international control-holding border posts, the "Fast track" service will be introduced.

In this case:

-a separate corridor for the implementation of the procedure for expediting the processes of extraordinary passport and customs control of individuals crossing the State border of the Republic of Uzbekistan on vehicles.

- VIP halls with conditions for rest and recreation of individuals, including establishment of mother and child rooms, catering establishments and branches of commercial banks and installation of ATMs for currency exchange;

- The service "Fast track" is carried out on a paid basis, including the possibility of making a payment in advance for 90 days before crossing the border or paying through mobile applications.

10. On the basis of the positive experience of foreign countries, for entry into tourist zones with motor vehicles (except public and private motor vehicles, as well as motor vehicles of the population living in the territory of tourist zones) revenue generation mechanism is introduced.