An Association of Social Tourism is established in Uzbekistan

In order to cover all categories of tourists and create favorable conditions for them, the Association of Social Tourism is established in Uzbekistan.

The main objectives of this association are:

  • conducting charity events for our compatriots with disabilities and children from low-income families;
  • assistance in creating conditions for the travel of people with disabilities;
  • participation in the development of state programs, draft normative acts and other decisions in the field of social tourism and the implementation of public control;
  • assistance in organizing tourism and excursions for children, youth, people of the third age, as well as people with disabilities, etc., as part of the development of inclusive tourism.

The Association of Social Tourism of Uzbekistan will serve the development of inclusive tourism in the country and the establishment of cooperation with foreign associations in this area. According to the Chairman of the Council of the Association of Social Tourism of Uzbekistan, Izatillo Khodjayev, the association promotes the unification of individuals who want to contribute to the development of tourism in our country and will direct their efforts to the development of social tourism, including the organization of tourism for children, youth, elderly people and people with disabilities.

Also, in cooperation with the State Committee for Tourism Development, a charity trip will be organized for our compatriots with disabilities - “Travel for all!”, As well as work will be carried out to assess the possibilities for travel of our citizens with disabilities to the sights of our country.

For reference: Izatillo Khodjayev Naimovich was born on August 7, 1981 in the Kasansky district of the Kashkadarya region. By ethnicity - Uzbek, higher education, graduated from the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies with a degree in international political science. Prior to that, he worked at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Tashkent Regional Council of DPU “Milliy Tiklanish”, the National Association of Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organizations of Uzbekistan and the Youth Union of Uzbekistan.