House Museum of Shamuratov Family

The private House Museum of Amet and Ayimkhan Shamuratov was founded in 1999 by their children. Amet Shamuratov (1912–1953) was a writer, poet and playwright. His wife Ayimkhan Shamuratova (1917–1993) was a People's Actress and one of the first women in Karakalpakstan history to appear on stage. They played an important role in the development of Karakalpak culture of the XX century. The museum’s collection consists of their personal possessions: stage clothing, photographs, manuscripts, books, letters and antiques. Photographs of famous Karakalpakstan writers, artists and statesmen, as well as paintings by prominent artists such as F. Madgazin, R. Matevosyan, K. Berdimuratov and others, are also displayed at the museum. There is also an opportunity to listen to the songs performed by Ayimkhan Shamuratova.