Azatbay Otarbayev Musical Workshop

Azatbay Otarbayev is one of the leading masters of Karakalpakstan who produces traditional musical instruments. He is a hereditary master in the fifth generation and has been working as a craftsman for more than 38 years. Azatbay Otarbayev produces more than 15 different types of string, wind and percussion instruments. Among them are traditional Karakalpak instruments – kobyz, girzhek, dutar, shin-gobyz, balaman, duduk, gartik, sazsirnay, kamisnay, kuray, ushpelek, tuyak and others. He uses all natural materials in the manufacturing of his intruments, including wood, leather, cane, horse tail, motherof- pearl, and clay, to name a few.

His new handicraft workshop, which specializes in traditional musical instruments, was opened in 2012 in Nukus with the support of UNESCO. It is known not only in Karakalpakstan but around the world.